American McDonald’s McCafe… Start taking notes.

A few days ago, we went to a mcdonalds here for breakfast because we were kinda under a time crunch, and had only 15-20 min to get breakfast. So, we pulled in and grabbed some Australian McDonalds.
American McCafes need to start taking notes.
A lot of notes.
First, the tea. The tea was served not only in ceramic mugs, but ALSO in little tea kettles, so you could pour however much you wanted at a time. The “McEmployees” ;) also told us how long we should let the tea steep, just in case we didn’t know. :)
Pictures are with my iphone, so please excuse the quality. :P
Now, let’s get to the important stuff.
The Coffee.
All the McCafes have full espresso machines with designated baristas to run the machines. Actually good tasting and good quality coffee from McDonalds?
Who would have thunk.

Now, as if the coffee itself wasn’t good enough, they served it in a very nice way. Below is my Hazelnut Latte. Not in a takeaway cup either. They have dishes for dine-in, and cups for takeaway only.

It was absolutely delicious.

So there ya go. Australian McDonalds actually have some quality to them. The sausage actually tasted like real sausage (not like at home where it is a pile of grease), and the other food was not to bad as well.

If our McDonalds implemented this stuff at home… I just might be tempted go there more often. ;)

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