Australia: The Great Ocean Road

Last weekend we went on a three hour drive on the world famous “Ocean Road”. We did this because one, it was supposed to be a beautiful drive… (It was) But also we wanted to see “The 12 Apostles” Which are huge rock formations just off the coast. (Blog post coming on the shortly)
So, we started off our day with a good breakfast. Mine consisted of a fresh mocha and cinnamon pancakes. Well balanced it was with Carbs, Caffeine, and Sugar. :P :D

It was waaaay better than it looks.

The Cafe at which we ate had burnt-out lightbulbs hanging all over the ceiling. I don’t know who’s bright idea that was, but it looked pretty cool. :)

When we needed a break from driving, we stopped at this place called “Splitpoint”. The little town had a lighthouse that was over 200 years old.

We walked around the lighthouse on dirt paths, and the entire landscape was covered in little shrubs.

Did I mention rolling hills? Good. I know I have made this reference already.. but if you close your eyes… Picture Hobbiton…. and add a lot more trees… You will have the landscape of one side of The Great Ocean Road.

And Sheep! There were tons of sheep on these hills. Very funny to watch they were.

This rock was from a lookout point from the lighthouse stop. Lots of cool rocks along the coast. But nothing compared to the 12 apostles…

We also walked along a beach for an hour or so. There were actually people on this beach! even though you can’t see any here.

Cliffs on one side of the beach…. Ocean on the other side.

Safety is of the utmost concern in Australian beaches…. Isn’t it nice they put a sign up? ;)

The ocean side. The same rock is the same as before, just on a level and closer view. It was about 12 feet high.

The surf and beach was quite rocky in some places, made for som fun stone hopping though. :)

There were cool shells everywhere, this is due to the fact no one is allowed to take anything off the beach. This one was one of my favorites. 

After we finished beach trekking, we drove hard for the remainder of the trip. We saw some whales, which was incredible. Some video footage of that will be posted on a later date. This is just another coastal pic I liked a lot.

A lot of the journey was like this. Ocean cliff drop-off on one side, rockface on the other… It was rather nerve racking at times…

The views were truly incredible, and God blessed us with a perfectly sunny day. It will be a ride to remember. Because while the Ocean Road was awesome…

The 12 Apostles were even better.


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