Ukuleles: A new favorite instrument!

We went to town today, and browsed some fun and unique shops. At one of the shops, I found a Ukulele.

And I bought it. :)

Now, I already had a ukulele, that I was given for christmas. While I do stil love it, it wasn’t the best of quality, since it was a starter/intro instrument.
It was a Johnson Uke. It sounded ok, even with new strings, but was just to tinny for my taste
This new uke, will serve not only as a great memento for Australia (Big shout out and thanks to Grama and Poppy for giving me some spending money!), but also sound better and is more enjoyable to play.
Here it is: A Mahalo Mahogany Soprano Uke
It is a midrange ukulele, so it will last me for quite a while hopefully. It is so nice sounding with a mellow tone.
Here is a shot of the uke’s together…
Don’t they look cool!?!
Anyway, just wanted to share that with you guys, as my bro and I will be jammin’ on these over the next few days.
Oh, I also want to thank a close friend for getting me this book:
/resists dummy joke/
It has been invaluable in learning some basics and overall learning. Thanks again!
So there you go, if you want to learn a new instrument that is easy, fun, and affordable… Grab a uke. You won’t regret it. :)

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