Taking a walk in Australian Suburbs

We took a walk today in the Australian suburbs today. I took some pictures, and thought I would share the better ones with you right here. :)

This old taxi was parked in a garage in one of the many homes we passed. Not many homes have closed garages. Most have garages like this, open with various things inside them.
Like Americans… usually their cars weren’t parked under them. :)

This sign was on the gravel path on which we walked part of the time. There are plenty of sidewalks and side trails in the suburbs… We didn’t get lost, but it would be quite easy if you weren’t paying attention. :) I am still wondering what exactly dented this sign…

This was one garage I found that was actually closed in, but looked rather… abandoned. Most yards are very well trimmed and cared for, so this one caught my eye as it looked like it had been quite awhile since a  car pulled into this driveway.

It may be winter here, but there are tons of flowers in bloom. This is just one of dozens of different flowers we saw. I can’t for the life of me figure out what it is called. ;)

That’s all for today!



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