Bananagrams: A Quite Appeeling Game!

I have to tell you about the most addicting and fun new game our family has begun playing.

It is called Bananagrams.

Bananagrams is a word based game where the goal is to make your very own crossword puzzle before anyone else.

One does this with a random selection of 15-21 tiles (depending on the amount of players) from “the pile”.

Then it is time to “split” meaning one flips over all their tiles and begins frantically, methodically, or (if you get all consonants like me) frustratingly try to begin making a word puzzle like below:

Don’t worry, if you have rotten letters, you are allowed to swap em out, rearrange letters, words and more as the game progresses. The first person to finish when there are no titles remaining is the winner! 
Sounds simple enough right?
I love this game because it doesn’t take long at all, usually 15 minutes or so. It is also fast paced, and really gets your brain working in overdrive. Sometimes you come up with the most unusual words… Sometimes you slip up and mispell a word, which means you lose the round. :(
So there you have it, it really is scrabble on steroids. If you don’t have this game, you should go out and get it. It is available at Target for $15 I believe. 
If you do get this game, let me know! Tell me how you liked it in the comments section below. :)
Gotta split, time to start another game.

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