Australian Nature in Merimbula

I thought I would take a minute and show y’all some pics of what we saw last weekend on the coast of Merimbula. The lighting was great, as most the time is was nice a sunny! We have hence moved on to the second portion of our trip, but thought you would enjoy looking at these. :)

This first image I took right outside our front porch. The water really was that blue. I supposed that is where the name “Sapphire” coast came from. :)
This flower and the following are ones we saw while walking on the coastal boardwalk. There were tons of these little flowers (about the size of a half dollar). They came in all colors too.
I have dubbed this flower “The Trufflela Flower” as it reminds me of the truffela tress in Dr. Seuss’ story of “The Lorax”. :)
Here you can see some of the boardwalk we were able to travel upon. It wound right along a bay, so the shores were quite calm, but all the wildlife was there.
Pelicans, Seagulls, and some other birds I haven’t yet identified. Reminds me of the pixar short “For the Birds”The Pelicans land quite clumsily. That was funny to watch.
Just a lone gull on a rock… The sun went away for this one, hence the dreary look.
I am told the boat in this picture is called a “Dinghy”. This boat was tied up about twenty feet from the shore, and looks rather abandoned…
On our way back to the rental van, there was an Aussie cleaning some fish he had just caught. Naturally the pelicans and seagulls flocked to the smell, allowing this great closeup of the pelican. If you haven’t ever seen one before in person, these really are huge birds.
This was the last “keeper” pic of the weekend. We were walking on a beach and this pelican swam up to us looking for food. I think he also was posing, as he stood in many ways that were what we considered strutting. ;)

3 thoughts on “Australian Nature in Merimbula

  1. Pelicans are fun, aren't they! Absolutely beautiful photos, Austin! Something about that boardwalk I love! Love that you're sharing some of your awesome sights! We'll keep peeking in on yall. :)

  2. Looks beautiful! Hope you guys are having a great time; thanks for posting and sharing it with all of us. The sunshine pictures are especially appreciated by those of us here in the rainy Pacific NW….

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