Matador Restoration update: The Fenders

Update time. :)

Months ago I restored the fenders to smooth and paintable condition. One, was a NOS (new old stock) fender, and the other, while having severe hail damage, was mostly rust free….

So let’s get to the pics.

So here we have the Fender with hail damage, everywhere there is paint, that is a low spot, or dent…
Time to break out the Bondo.
Here it is with a couple of coats of Bondo on the fender, I had to reshape the inner curve, and the ridgeline….
After a few days I got it smoothed out and primed it.
Here is what it looks like now.
I didn’t prime the lower section, as we will probably have to bend that to fit, and didn’t want to risk cracking the primer. So that section will get primed once it is mounted to the car.
Of course, the inside was also something I needed to fix.
The rust is all ground off in this pic, what remains is just powder. ;)
Undercoating the inner… and we get this
Much Better. Undercoat is really cool stuff.
So, next I suppose I will begin posting the engine area and how that was restored. :)