I am still here, just barely. ;) (you could also call this a life update)

Hey folks,

Just in case you were wondering, no. I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, gone haywire, or jumped ship erm blog. ;)

To put it simply, I have been super busy and blessed with the amount of stuff I have gotten/had to do in the past month.

What have I been doing?

Well, for one, a Precalculus course. Through the weeks of Jan 1st- Feb 2nd, I was in front of my mac doing precalc 8am-5pm. Yup, you read that right. I didn’t work on my car at all during the month of January. :( (Oh, and I went on a trip to OK for one week of January… but that is for another post)
As you might imagine, I was rather sick of being on the computer… so didn’t blog. By God’s grace, I managed to complete the course at the personal deadline I set. Which rocked.

After I finished the precalc course, I finally decided to stop putting off buying a website domain for my custom LED-saber business. This business has been growing quite a bit. Using some of the money, (business expense) I got a website domain name and host. Learning how to get a fully functional site was quite difficult, and wound up “cheating” and customizing a wordpress theme. ;) It isn’t finished yet, so I am going to wait to give out the link. It will be done in a week or so if all goes according to plan, so be looking for it then. Again, since I was on the computer so much getting the site set up… blogging fell by the wayside. ;)

Add to those two things Lyceum Prep, TeenPact Prep, Beginning work again, and continuing college, Custom Saber building and more, you can see why the posts have been scarcer of late. I am hoping to change this, and have come up with some interesting topic ideas. Interesting to me anyways. :P

So yeah, hopefully that clears things up for you who were wondering what happened and why the blog kinda died.

Thanks for reading now and in the future to come.



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