My Orange iPhone 4 Conversion

Iphones are incredible machines. In one little box I can browse the internet, download music, take HD video and more. All with a digital touchscreen and one home button.

It blows my mind.

I am fortunate enough to be able to own an iphone 4 and can say it is the best electronic device I have ever used.

Unfortunately though, the iphone had some problems that needed remedied after a few months. I don’t know if was something I did, a bad part… I don’t know. What I do know is the first time I took an iphone in that had a bad home button, I was given a new one right on the spot. Apple has won my loyalty with their customer service until they do something to break that trust.

So, one problem was the LCD screen was bad (blue spots), so I needed to replace that as my warranty had expired. Biggie. 0_0

Second I needed to replace a battery. No biggie :)

Tonight I had some time to repair the iphone. I learned how to replace the LCD from a site called, a DIY repair site. I purchased the orange Iphone glass off ebay for $50 (front and backplate), and the battery off ebay for $5. I love eBay. :)

Alright, now to the pics…
All the tools, parts, and my Macbook Pro 13″ on the table. I bought a $2 tool set online… and when I got the Orange Faceplates, it came with a set too. :)

The backplate opened up.

Yeah, this battery is so bad… the new on is on the left, and the old one on the right.

Next are some disassembly pics…

This is a good pic to show the majority of the components. Left to right are the SIM card, the camera, A Protection Plate, and the Motherboard.

This pic here shows I had to do some fancy and delicate super gluing for the speaker mesh, I had experience in this kind of thing with my saber builds, but this was the most difficult glue project I had ever had to date.

I put everything back together and… TADA! It is so sharp looking!

Dressed up with the Element Formula Case.

So in total, I was at the table nonstop for 2 hours and 45 minutes. One of the toughest projects I have ever done, but well worth the end result and money saved.

Disclaimer; I have had extensive experience in micro electronic components due to making Custom Lightsabers. I do not recommend you attempt this kind of repair unless you are experienced with small electronic parts and are willing to potentially ruin your iphone.

2 thoughts on “My Orange iPhone 4 Conversion

  1. Wow Austin! That's awesome! You definitely have some skills there. With my luck, if I ever attempted such a feat (which I won't as long as I'm in my right mind!!!), I'd probably turn it into some unidentifiable pile of junk… or blow something up. Now you have a pretty original iPhone!

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