Quick n’ Tasty Guacamole

Cooking is something I usually enjoy doing. It is relaxing, creative, and quite rewarding to see others enjoy what I made.

Eating it myself doesn’t hurt the enjoyment factor either.

For all you snack lovers and chip dippers out there, I think I have developed an excellent Guacamole recipe for anyone who loves something to go with their chips.

I have never written up a cooking tutorial… so bear with me. ;)

So, to begin, you are going to need four avocados.

The key to a great guacamole is, of course, the avocados. The avocados need to be soft to minimal finger pressure. If they hard hard, they don’t have as much flavor and are tough to chew. A soft avocado is a good avocado. A few dark spots isn’t bad either.

Don’t use it if it has mold though… Just sayin’

Next, take one of these fruits, and cut it in half lengthwise. Twist both sides opposite to each other and something like this should result….

Now to get the pit out. Some recipes say to use a spoon, but one can loose a lot of the good flesh doing so. Instead, take a knife and carefully but firmly whack the blade into the pit. Make sure to get it nice and deep. It might take a couple tries.

Once the blade is nicely embedded in the pit, simply twist the knife and the pit out of the fruit.

To remove the pit, I usually just cut it all the way in half on the board by pressing the knife through it.

Repeat those steps with all the avocados…

Now it is time to break out a spoon! I don’t like to waste food when I am cooking, and although they make avocado tools… A spoon still works best in terms of getting the meat out of the avocado. Inserting the spoon at the top of the fruit works best for me, then just working it down with a wiggling/scraping motion.

Your hands will get messy.

As you scoop the meat out, drop it into a medium mixing bowl. A bigger bowl will be easier to work with as opposed to a smaller one…

Now, take a favorite masher of choice, and mash up the avocados to the desired level of chunkiness or smoothness.

You can set the avocados aside for now, as we are going to move onto the fillers. :)

Grab a medium red onion. A white onion will do as well, but I prefer red onions as they have a sweeter taste and contrast nicely against the green of the avocados. Peel it, prep it, and then cut it in half…

Use a knife to chop the onion up into smaller pieces. I recommend you don’t use a food processor or chopper. Using those won’t keep the nice sections, but rather mush up the onion, making the whole guacamole mix taste like like said vegetable.

Add the onion into the mashed avocados.

Add some Sea Salt to taste. Regular salt works, but doesn’t taste as good.

Also add about 2 teaspoons of cumin. I don’t measure it normally, as it is again, a preference on taste.

Mix all those ingredients together. I occasionally add 1-2 cloves of fresh garlic if I want en extra kick, but was in a mild mood when I made this batch… so I didn’t. ;)

Now get a lemon…

Cut it in half, then take one half and squeeze out all the juice you can with your hand. This give the guacamole a nice fresh tang, and will also keep the avocados from turning brown for a time.

Mix the juice into the guacamole, and it is ready to serve.

I like “On the border” Chips best, as they have a nice full taste and are large. But any corn chip should work. :)

So that’s how I make guacamole. This is a great quick and easy thing to bring to a party, or enjoy when you want a healthy fresh snack.



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