Movie Review: Courageous

Sherwood has come a long way from their humble beginnings.

Courageous is about a group of men who are struggling to be good fathers and husbands in their family. Though all have many trials in different walks of life, they band together and make a pact vowing to live their lives for God and family. However, doing good is always easier said than done. The story is very complex with multiple lives involved. I can’t adequately describe much of the story because it would give away things later in the plot. I can say it is about fathers attempting to live in a way so they are not only “good” by today’s standards, but due to a tragedy, strive to become “great” men of God.

Courageous gathered a PG-13 rating. It most definitely deserves it.

It is good to see the rating system does still have some use. Instead of being rated for sexual, language, or other sinful content. The movie is rated PG-13 as it contains some intense violence, many emotional moments, and some mature themes younger kids would not understand.

Things I Liked

Themes such as biblical manhood, sacrifice, compassion, accountability, perseverance, mercy, humor, truth, and more are found in abundance. To go over them all would take pages and pages of analysis. It is truly rich in depth of these traits and themes, all positively portrayed.
Many men in courageous have their family’s best interests at heart. We see them work hard to provide for their homes everyday.
There is no profanity, and no inappropriate sexual content. It is extremely clean in this regard.
Things I didn’t Like
This is a highly emotional movie. You will laugh, cry, be angry, have fear… everything. This isn’t light. It is deep, and you should prepare yourself as such. I personally didn’t like having my emotions manipulated with such highs and lows. I left the theater very tired because of the emotional roller-coaster on which they put you.

Also, many of the main characters are officers, so there are some highly intense fight scenes, fist fights, gun fights, etc. we see some blood, a few people get shot.

One scene shows a guy in the middle of many Huge guys kicking him while he is on the ground. There is a purpose, but is there.

Closing Thoughts

If ever a movie was needed about biblical manhood, now would be the time. I believe this movie is for everyone who is approaching, or has approached an adult age. It shows What young men should strive to be, what men should be, how wives should act in times of adversity, what young women should look for in a young man. The list goes on.

No, it doesn’t have tons of special effects.

No, it isn’t Grammy winning acting.

And No, it isn’t fun to watch in the sense of entertainment.

Whoever sees this movie will start to appreciate the daunting task of being a father and a man. They will see the power of God in one’s life and what it is like without him. They will see what a true man of God should act like.
They will see a movie, that is Courageous.


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