Matador Restoration: The Decklid

In case you are wondering, a decklid is the “hood” for the trunk. I have no idea why that is the term, but neither do I understand why a pair of wire cutters are called “dikes”….

Anyway, let’s get to the pics. :)

Here it is, in incredible condition on top, with some rust on the seams underneath…

Now it is stripped… Took me about an hour to do the top, and another hour to do the bottom if I remember correctly.
This is a pic of the underside after it has been primed and blocked.

Top Primed. :)

Blocking process…

A better close up of what the primer has to look like to be acceptable for paint. The far right is… the far left is yet to get there.
So, pretty simple once you get the hang of it and get the process down… It took me three half days to finish the decklid….
Next up…
The doors. All four of the banged up, beaten in, and rust free doors. ;)

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