Movie Reviews: The Standard and the Thoughts

Movies are amazing things are they not?

It is amazing to me how one flick can make you laugh, cry, and change the way you think in the span of two hours. We are entertained, amused, and captivated by pictures on a screen we have only imagined in our head.  Sometimes too, it is an escape from the reality around us.

Unfortunately, watching solely for enjoyment and entertainment is not what the bible calls us to do.

I have learned in the past few years everyone has a worldview. (a view of truth, what is acceptable, or what is good) Through the medium of film, worldviews are expressed in ways we don’t take not of, but affect the way we think.

Some ideas commonly presented into many movies past and present are justification for wrongs, desensitization, and humanistic thoughts.

Now, I am not saying we as christians should not watch movies. Rather, I often encourage it!

With two conditions. ;)

We watch them with an analytical and biblical mindset, and the movies we watch contain principles that can be used to witness to others around us. (A hero worth imitating, sacrifice, absolutes, etc)

That’s why I review films from hollywood.

It is not enough to watch a film and go “Boy I loved that movie!”
We need to be active in thinking about what messages and worldview the movie is presenting.
If we watch with an analytical mind, we will be able to use the tool of film to start discussions with unbelievers, which leads to presenting the gospel.

So, with that said, I watch all kinds of movies, old and new, kids and adult, G to PG-13 (a very few R), and many genres (except horror). It is my intention through reviewing the movies I not only help myself to analyze a flick, but to help you in deciding if this is something you would enjoy, and how to learn to discern themes in films yourself.

So break out the popcorn and milk, and let’s start watching some movies. :)

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